Forio, #Ischia, a small island near #Naples, was a hot spot for artists, writers, #poets, actors, #screenwriters – it was described in the 60’s as the “#Montparnasse” of Italy. Hanging out at the “#Bar Maria,” Foria attracted names like Truman #Capote, Richard #Burton and #Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline #Kennedy – and even artist #Diego Voci.

Diego #Voci (1920-1985) became friends with James #Dobrodzek (1914-1994) an artist who traveled extensively promoting his art as a painter. James had become friends with Hilde and Franz Ober, parents of Stefan Ober who lives in Kaiserslautern, Germany. At a 50th Birthday party, James invited Diego to join in the celebration of the Ober family. At the “Ristorante da Lino” in #Kaiserslautern, Stefan saw this lithograph, “fell in love with it” and bought it for himself! It graces the wall in Stefan and Sabine’s home:

“Composition Africane” 76cm x 56cm, Lithograph Signed and Numbered.

Shown here in 1983 are James Dobrodzek and Diego at the Ober’s 50th Birthday Party held at Bella Casa  (now a Spanish #Tapas Bar “Tamarillo” which Diego would also have loved to frequent! Diego was often mistaken for a #Spaniard): 

James Dobrodzek and Diego #Voci, 1983

James Dobrodzek and Diego #Voci, 1983

Several times over the next years, Diego joined his new friends on the island of Ischia. #Forio, the town as mentioned was quite a get-away for #celebrities, #artists, and #intellectuals – and Diego reveled in the presence of celebrities.

Stefan #Ober and his wife Sabine, of the “New Generation” of Diego Collectors own the DIEGO lithograph above his parents purchased many years earlier in Germany. Stefan owns “#Ober and Ober” an Interior Design and Planning company, in #K-town, #Germany.

Coincidentally, his #German school friend Francesco #Daneluzzi, owner of “#Firenze” has the same exact Diego lithograph. You too can purchase “Composition Africane” and more art from Diego’s widow Helga in Germany at our website Diego Voci Project: http://www.diegovociproject.com/#!product/prd4/3917776511/title%3A-composition-africane

We also featured “Composition Africane” in April on #Twitter and #Facebook:          https://twitter.com/DiegoVoci/status/583501224185503744

More on Ischia: http://www.ischia-reiseinformationen.de/gemeinde-forio.htm

AC DV History #205 8/28/2015

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