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Diego Voci; “The Two Napoletan Fisherman” 60x70cm oil on canvas Private Collection 

“The Two Napoletan Fishermen” by Diego, owned by a Diego Collector who has a total of 10 Diego works in their collection. Back in the mid 1970’s, this collector visited Diego at Diego’s home studio for wine and conversation.

Antonio Diego Voci (VOH-chee) (1920-1985, born in Italy) connected with people all throughout his travels, capturing in his mind the faces of people and

During our research on the title to this art work, we stumbled upon the heritage of Napoletan Fisherman. Here is a bit of history to Napoletan Fisherman;

“Masaniello (abbreviation of Tommaso Aniello; 1622 – 16 July 1647) was an Italian fisherman who became leader of the revolt against the rule of Habsburg Spain (refers to the history of Spain over the 16th and 17th centuries) in Naples in 1647. Masaniello was one of the most popular figures in Neapolitan tradition.”

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Forio, #Ischia, a small island near #Naples, was a hot spot for artists, writers, #poets, actors, #screenwriters – it was described in the 60’s as the “#Montparnasse” of Italy. Hanging out at the “#Bar Maria,” Foria attracted names like Truman #Capote, Richard #Burton and #Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline #Kennedy – and even artist #Diego Voci.

Diego #Voci (1920-1985) became friends with James #Dobrodzek (1914-1994) an artist who traveled extensively promoting his art as a painter. James had become friends with Hilde and Franz Ober, parents of Stefan Ober who lives in Kaiserslautern, Germany. At a 50th Birthday party, James invited Diego to join in the celebration of the Ober family. At the “Ristorante da Lino” in #Kaiserslautern, Stefan saw this lithograph, “fell in love with it” and bought it for himself! It graces the wall in Stefan and Sabine’s home:

“Composition Africane” 76cm x 56cm, Lithograph Signed and Numbered.

Shown here in 1983 are James Dobrodzek and Diego at the Ober’s 50th Birthday Party held at Bella Casa  (now a Spanish #Tapas Bar “Tamarillo” which Diego would also have loved to frequent! Diego was often mistaken for a #Spaniard): 

James Dobrodzek and Diego #Voci, 1983

James Dobrodzek and Diego #Voci, 1983

Several times over the next years, Diego joined his new friends on the island of Ischia. #Forio, the town as mentioned was quite a get-away for #celebrities, #artists, and #intellectuals – and Diego reveled in the presence of celebrities.

Stefan #Ober and his wife Sabine, of the “New Generation” of Diego Collectors own the DIEGO lithograph above his parents purchased many years earlier in Germany. Stefan owns “#Ober and Ober” an Interior Design and Planning company, in #K-town, #Germany.

Coincidentally, his #German school friend Francesco #Daneluzzi, owner of “#Firenze” has the same exact Diego lithograph. You too can purchase “Composition Africane” and more art from Diego’s widow Helga in Germany at our website Diego Voci Project:!product/prd4/3917776511/title%3A-composition-africane

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