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“Mӓdchen Mit Mandoline” #1241-183, oil on canvas

As the holiday season is upon us, the Diego Voci Project is delighted to share from the collection of Barbara Warner her favorite Diego painting titled “Mӓdchen Mit Mandoline”.  Barbara Warner purchased her Diego Collection in the early 1970’s at the Nürnberg / Fürth Officer’s Club in Germany.

“I have one each from three of Diego’s distinct styles” quotes Barbara Warner.  Like many of the Diego collectors, most have enjoyed their Diego’s on their walls and now collectors are sharing as the world is getting to know “Diego Voci” as his lost art is newly rediscovered.

Christopher Voci, grandnephew to Diego summed it up in words, “Each movement had its great masters, but there are very few who could create art unconfined by a single style like Diego.”

Be a part of the Diego Voci Project’s (www.diegovociproject.com) mission to execute a Major Diego Museum Exhibition, create a New Generation of Diego Collectors and publish Diego Voci’s historical life in an expanded book form.

Google “Diego Voci” to learn more.

AC P of W #243 12/1/2014


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