Diego Voci; Donna Seduta 19 1/2″ x 15 1/2″ Oil on Wood Private Collection

“This is a unique face that never takes its eye off you, thinking what?  The paint is unusually heavy, probably to disguise the painting formerly existing under this one; applied to wood, rather crudely, but, overall, I would place in the category of very special.  Previously, it’s been noted as palette knife.  I see no evidence of that, rather a prominent texture of an aggressive artist hand marking bold indentations with the opposite end of his amazing brush.” – Coop Cooprider, Diego Voci Art Historian 

The artist is internationally collected Antonio Diego Voci (1920-1985)


From the Diego Voci Project family to yours, we wish you the best as this decade comes to a close. This time of year gives you a break to reflect on the past year and a chance to spend extra time doing the things you love to do. We’ve accomplished a lot this last year at The Diego Voci Project, and the future has never been brighter.


Words from Helga recently shared with us on October 17, 2019; “In 1968 we spent 6 months in Tenerife. At that time we had a Fiat sport car cabrio and we drove to Barcelona and took a boat to Tenerife, it took 4 days and almost all passengers were seasick.”

Diego Voci; Beach of San Marcos Tenerife 1968 24″ x 30″

Me too, except Diego and a Swedish man. We became friends with him during the whole time we stayed there. We rented a small bungalow which was built on top of a big house and which had a very big terrace with a great view over the island and the sea. It was great. On this terrace Diego painted mostly and at that time he had a contract with Joy and Jawdat (Naffouj)and we would sent her about 20 paintings each month in a roll. We had a fantastic time there.”

To learn more about this time period of Diego’s life: https://www.artifactcollectors.com/diego-history-4330818/Page2.html#43810


Both #Gauguin and #Diego expressed their ideas and self reflections on life in the faces and portraits they painted.

Gauguin exhibition going on now at the National Gallery in London. https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/exhibitions/the-credit-suisse-exhibition-gauguin-portraits#content


Diego Voci; L’Autumn #345 Oil on Canvas 23 3/4″ x 31 3/4″

Internationally collected artist Diego Voci (VOH-chee 1920 – 1985) captured the essence of his travels in his paintings.

In this particular foliage painting “L’ Autumn”, Diego expressed a warmth in this painting as a feeling of welcome.

To view more of Diego’s landscapes click here: https://www.pinterest.com/diegovoci/landscapes-diegovocitm/