002 Composition a La Plage #261-446 Christine Khan 60x50cm

Diego Voci; “COMPOSITION A LA PLAGE” #261-4467 oil on canvas 60x50cm

Christine Khan, (owner of “Composition a La Plage“) shares words on her DIEGO Collection:

“Each piece either been given to me as a gift or a purchase. There is a story behind each one. Each piece is so different & unique. I live with them. They each have a certain place in my home. No reason to sell. DIEGO was intelligent, interesting, engaged in mind discussions, and had a sense of humor. Prior to my representing Diego for 10 years, I had a friendship with Helga & Diego. Diego wanted to paint what he liked.”

“COMPOSITION A LA PLAGE” is an example of a surrealist work of art:
How Surrealism is defined
Explore with the Tate, what is Surrealism in a simple fun way

Visit more: https://www.pinterest.com/diegovoci/surrealism-diegovocitm/

#Matisse Live from #TATE MODERN

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