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Jeune Fille en Blanc #641-030 80x60cm oil on canvas

Diego Voci; “Jeune Fille en Blanc” #641-030 oil on canvas 80x60cm 

“Jeune Fille en Blanc” was purchased back in 1974 by Diego Voci Historian, Coop Cooprider in Diego’s studio when Coop was helping Diego become better known. Diego opened up his studio to visitors and many experienced first hand the “magnetism” of Diego, so captivated by his art and his persona that most walked out with a painting or two in hand. Coop was no exception.

Throughout the years, Coop and his family have traveled and moved between Europe and United States, and along the way this painting has gone missing.

This unique cubistic/surrealist art work takes on the divide between two different styles. Where is the line between the two?

Any information on the whereabouts of this painting, contact us at diegovociproject.com or diegovociproject@gmail.com