An imaginary setting featuring Diego’s paintings on display.  Join us on an #Art stroll through a #Virtual #Gallery featuring an incredible #collection of works by the Internationally Collected artist Diego. The gallery is fashioned after the #Mardou #Museum.

Presented by The Diego Voci Project: https://www.diegovociproject.com/gallery-video



Diego Voci

Diego Voci; oil on canvas

“This clown painted by the internationally collected artist Antonio “Diego” Voci, (1920-1985) was stolen in Otterbach, Germany in the early 1980’s from what was then my office.”

“The Clown” (medium size painting) was for me the icon representing the depth of Diego the man. Study this painting. Feel the pathos. You’ll begin to know the magnetism to which certain addicted collectors such as me succumb.”

“As the authorized Diego Voci Historian (volunteer) for the Diego Voci Estate, (solely owned by his widow, Helga Voci), we are looking forward to the day a generous benefactor sponsors a Major #Museum Diego Voci Exhibition.”

“See a 20 Year Diego Voci Retrospective Video curated by Stephen Max of Canada”: https://youtu.be/cnZXQuUbjlU

G. A. Coop Cooprider
Diego Voci Historian since 1973


#RAMBO is an artist? #ROCKY is an artist?

Who would have guessed that Sylvester Stallone of ROCKY/RAMBO fame is celebrating 40 years of his #artwork.

See for yourself (direct link below):

Sylvester Stallone 40 Years as an ARTIST from BLOUN 24 MAY 2015 IMAGE

#BLOUN LINK:  http://www.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/1160634/review-40-years-of-sylvester-stallones-paintings-in-france?utm_source=BLOUIN+ARTINFO+Newsletters&utm_campaign=d622bcc807-Big_Clicks_5_3_154_3_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_df23dbd3c6-d622bcc807-83386813#

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