Antonio DIEGO Voci loved his 3 ladies: Helga, Alessandra, and his dog “Lady”. Years before Diego met Helga in 1960, he had a pet lion of which Helga says “he had this lion for several months, from baby on until it started to become dangerous” . . . born in the #horoscope sign of the lion DIEGO lived his life to the fullest. Of death he said, “We are all dying, a quiet travel.”

DIEGO and his #dog “Lady” and in younger years with his baby #Lion

“Born to paint” said Diego, the all-volunteer Diego Voci Project continues to search the world to find and catalog his estimated 4000 paintings and thousands of drawings. View a diverse collection assembled by Coop Cooprider and Kamila Cooprider here: https://www.pinterest.com/diegovoci

ONE #DOG TWO #CATS – DiegoVoci™

Here are two #cats we know of that were painted by Antonio #DiegoVoci™:

Social Media CATS Post 19 FEB 2016

LEFT: Young Girl with Cat (Owner & Location Unknown)                RIGHT: Junges Mӓdchen mit Katze (Albrecht Family, #Germany)

Are you #dogfriendly or #catfriendly? Why choose one or the other. . .?

We know #DiegoVoci™ loved his #dog “LADY”. We also know how Diego loved #Helga his #lady, #lover, #soulmate, and#wife. Helga now has a cat:

Social Media CATS n DOGS Post 19 FEB 2016

LEFT: DiegoVoci™ with “Lady” and Right Helga’s #Cat

Do you own a #DiegoVoci™ artwork? Does it depict a #cat? #chat? #Katze?

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Read more about Diego and Helga. She contributed 7 short chapters about their life and his work: http://www.artifactcollectors.com/diego-history-4330818.html#43747


New Yorker April 13, 2015 SPRING IS IN THE AIR Cover for Social Media 17 APR 2015

See #Diego Voci’s love “Lady”, written by Helga Voci, Diego’s widow: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/498281146248867040/ and/or https://www.facebook.com/diego.voci?pnref=story

COURTESY “Diego Voci Project” www.diegovociproject.com