The Diego Voci Project sends prayers and blessings to those affected by #9/11. In times like these we gather back to our roots and are brought back to our core.

The Little Church #741-086 40x30cm Halsaver 1974 Patch

Diego Voci; “The Little Church” #741-086 oil on canvas 40x30cm Private Collection

This “Little Church” is a reminder of our roots and Diego Voci always put family, friends and loved ones in the forefront of each of his living days. Diego’s love for life was insatiable and captured the essence of those days in all of our works.

Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, PA

Tower of Voices at the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, PA



Still Life Cubic, 1981


Still Life Cubic, 1981 - 34 ¾ X 24 ¼

“Still Life Cubic” is mixed media of great texture and depth. The work was created in my childhood family home in 1981 by my great uncle #Diego Voci. He worked quickly that day. Diego had pastels and crayons, my crayons, and water colors. It was hard to believe that this great Master was equally inclined to work with my crayons as he was with an expensive European pastel. His lines are soft but delineate the foreground subject from the cubist space from which it protrudes. It is kind of a reverse Vermeer effect (Chris Voci).


AC P of W #185 2/17/2014