The Sacrifice of Isaac
Giuseppe Vermiglio The Sacrifice of Isaac, ca. 1620 The Weiss Gallery

Complimentary of DVP. Check out the history on Diego Voci, who was inspired by the Old Masters and their exemplary works of art.


#MAX AND #DiegoVoci™ FINALE  

 7a Jeune fille avec Chapeau Fleuri 291-921 belongs to Susan Max

Jeune fille avec chapeau fleuri #291-921 40x50cm, Susan Max Private collection 

Recollections of Susan Max, daughter of Stephen and Wendy Max:

“As a young girl living in #Germany, I had the rare treat of going to meet a “REAL” #artist.

I was so excited!

 His name was Diego Voci and at first sight I recognized Diego’s #charisma. My nervousness subsided as he drew us into his world with his exceptional interest in each of us. He was very interested in the fact that both my middle brother and I read music and played instruments.

 Diego upon learning of our #musical training removed a #napkin and drew a treble clef on it asking us to explain what the clef symbol was and a sheet of music he had. What struck me was that during this visit the house he lived in was a #cornucopia for the #imagination. He graciously took us through the living and working area and I seem to recall an easel with unfinished work set up in the studio. 

 I remember Diego as a man that displayed so much interest in the world around him. I also remember him saying that you could #paint with #color, #light and #canvas. He had the ability to instantly draw you into his world and to include you into it.

 Much of my memories are that of an observer being let into a brilliant artists’ life. I remember how he also mentioned that I reminded him of a #painting he had done of a young girl and how my face shape was so similar. I remember being transfixed at the beautiful colors and the huge easels with work yet to be finished. On asking him when he painted, he responded when that he never knew when the urge would present itself and then as we were leaving Diego left and went in to the studio where he started to paint.

 I am so lucky to be influenced by such a brilliant and still current REAL artist.”

 Diego’s work truly expressed his poetical world and in so doing provides a never ending source of pleasure for us and his many admirers. –Stephen and Wendy Max December 1985




Mike Stewart recently acquired this “DIEGO” painting at an estate sale. Mike had not heard of “Diego” before he had seen this painting. Mike was drawn to the eyes in the painting, he said they looked like “#Modigliani” eyes and thought the painting was “well done”.

Mike searched Google for any information on “Diego” and found an example of a clown / harlequin and connected what he found to Diego Voci. There upon found a plethora of information on Diego Voci on Google. He didn’t know what an important man Diego was until he started reading Diego Voci Wikipedia, the Diego Voci threads on Artifact Collectors and the Diego Voci website.

This is an example of the NEW GENERATION DIEGO COLLECTORS.

Diego1The painting with frame is 27″ x 20 ½”, tempera and pastel with the use of sand for added texture on paper board. The mat is new.

The painting is for sale for $675 “as is”. View original posting: of-the-week-5154118/Page8.html#227