M Keane for DIEGO Comparison Social Media 27 DEC 2014

A craze that moved the world.

New York Times said it wasn’t art.

The public thought better. Indirectly Margaret #Keane had an influence on #Diego.

Demand by the public for Diego to please paint something similar to Keane’s girls with #BigEyes at first fell on deaf ears.

For a long time Diego resisted. He prided himself in his refusal to ever copy.

Finally, Diego would not admit it; but, he did a few paintings of young girls without sacrificing his own style.

The Diego #Collectors loved them. Here is one owned by Paul Mehler.

2 Girls BIG EYES Oil on  Canvas 24 x 20 Paul Mehler Collection 1972 for Big Eyes

AC DV History #191 1/16/2015