When artists #GeorgeBraque, #Picasso, and #JuanGris created #cubistic #paintings it was often difficult even to the trained eye to identify which artist did the work. When Antonio #DIEGO Voci ventured into his cubistic mode he strived to be distinctively DIEGO.

Here are examples:

C5 Le Concert de Harliquin 1972 #660  23 34 x 32

Le Concert de Harlequins” 1970, 32″ x 23 ¾” , oil on canvas, signed “DIEGO” Private Collection

Spanish Table 27 25 x 19 34 Drawing Final

Spanish Table“, 27 2/5″ x 19 ¾”, mixed on paper, Signed “DIEGO” Private Collection

1st Email of Black and White Cubism Improved Image without Glass from CATSUP Heinz Bertram 26 May 2014

Ink on Paper“, 1985, Signed “DIEGO

Ink on Paper” is an important example historically because it was one of the very last works before DIEGO transitioned 3 days later. DIEGO drew this especially for what became his last exhibition, an open house at his residence the first week of December 1985. DIEGO remained upstairs in bed, too ill to personally attend.

Cubism - Christiane Hauk Genre Version

Cubism“, Signed “DIEGO” top Left hand corner, Private Collection (DIEGO was very generous giving away his art to people he was close to, for example this gift of a cubistic painting to Helga Voci’s sister.)

C71 NUDE cubism 1971 31 .5  x 23.75

Nude Cubism“, 1971, 31 ¾” x 23 ½”, oil on canvas, Signed “DIEGO” Private Collection

Diego Voci on Google and YouTube.  Check out http://www.diegovociproject.com

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#Juan Gris and #Diego Voci's ARTIST STUDIO (Tempera 100x75cm)

#Juan Gris & #Diego Voci’s ARTIST STUDIO owned by Stephen & Wendy (Tempera 100x75cm)


Love for #Music often brought instruments into the art of #JuanGris and #DiegoVoci

Diego Voci’s Tempera “Artist Studio” is one of 28 DIEGO #artworks owned by Stephen and Wendy Max of Edmonton, #Alberta. They exclusively represented #Diego in #Canada from 1981 until Diego’s untimely death in 1985.

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