Diego Voci; “Impression of Nuremberg” #312 24″ x 20″ oil on canvas

Diego Voci collector, James Thomson shares

“When I saw my first Diego I was taken by the skill and application of colours. My first purchased painting was titled “Impressions of Nuremberg” done in brown tones with lots of gold leaf on most of the spires of the buildings. The way it reflected sunlight was jaw dropping. I decided to track down this Artist.  I went online in search of other works and found “The Diego Voci Project ” site and was mesmerized by the array of beautiful paintings in various styles and media offered for sale. This is how I communicated with Helga and through many emails arranged to purchase what I thought were still some exceptional works by Diego. I was so taken by Diego’s gifted talent and learned from Helga that her husband worked rapidly on each piece of art and from memory often using his imagination to the fullest. So now I’m the proud owner of approximately 40 oil on canvas, tempera and mixed media Diego’s.”   

Leading Jim (in Canada) to assemble the 2nd largest collection of internationally collected artist Diego Artworks in the world. 


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Diego; In Studio; First few lines….

The credible and notable internationally collected artist Antonio Diego Voci (VOH-chee 1920-1985), read here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Diego_Voci


works by Diego Voci; internationally collected artist (1920-1985)


Each of YOU have an opportunity to participate in the publishing of Your Diego artworks. A new book “Artist of a Thousand Faces” is in the planning stages by Stephen Max to celebrate Diego’s 100th Birth Year on August 10th.

Please EMAIL diegovociproject@gmail.com us your unique Diego “faces” works of art and any stories or quips you have, to be considered for this publication (no later than May 15th 2020).

Examples above of unique “faces” by Diego (Antonio Diego Voci)!


The Third Diego Voci book by publisher Stephen Max in the planning stage.  This is the cover page.


Call to Action: What is your favorite face by the hand of internationally collected artist: Antonio Diego Voci (1920-1985) ? (to be considered for the publication)

Email us at diegovociproject@gmail.com


Diego Voci; Donna Seduta 19 1/2″ x 15 1/2″ Oil on Wood Private Collection

“This is a unique face that never takes its eye off you, thinking what?  The paint is unusually heavy, probably to disguise the painting formerly existing under this one; applied to wood, rather crudely, but, overall, I would place in the category of very special.  Previously, it’s been noted as palette knife.  I see no evidence of that, rather a prominent texture of an aggressive artist hand marking bold indentations with the opposite end of his amazing brush.” – Coop Cooprider, Diego Voci Art Historian 

The artist is internationally collected Antonio Diego Voci (1920-1985)


As the Diego Voci Project Team puts together our strategies for this Centenary Celebration, we would like to hear from YOU. Please send us your thoughts and ideas to help with creating our special events to diegovociproject@gmail.com.

This August 10th 2020, Diego would have celebrated his 100 year Birthday. We can honestly say there has never been a better or more exciting time to be part of the Diego Voci Project family.

Learn more about the internationally collected artist Antonio Diego Voci: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Diego_Voci


Diego Voci; “L’Arlequin Triste” oil on canvas #5812-174

This painting L’Arlequin Triste by internationally collected artist Antonio Diego Voci (VOH-chee 1920-1985) was wrapped in packaging for 40 years (owned by the original owner of Talbert’s Kleine Galeria in Tacoma, WA.).

Days ago… this painting L’Arlequin Triste arrived to its new owner, packing material removed and looks as if DIEGO had just finished painting this piece.

From the archives of Helga Voci, she shares her words her travels with Diego during the 1980’s to the United States. “On that trip in 1980 we went to N.Y. and Philadelphia where Diego has family still today. We also went to Tacoma, Washington, where Diego had an exhibit in a gallery called – Talbert`s Kleine Galerie in Gig Harbor, WA. Then on to San Francisco, New Orleans, Albuquerque. And again we drove to Colorado Springs. Along the way, we visited with many American friends we had met in Germany. At several places, we had private shows. We both liked the United States very much.” https://www.artifactcollectors.com/diego-history-4330818/Page2.html#44298

To view additional paintings by Diego Voci in a similar style:


Diego Voci; Original Tempera Painting 1979 – Le Petit Clown – ORIGINAL TEMPERA

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 A Diego Voci Original
Perhaps no other artist has influenced the way we see the human condition more than Antonio DIEGO Voci. His numerous images have provided us with a visual snapshot of the Twentieth Century. An unstoppable enthusiasm for Form, Shape and Color.A Diego Voci Original  This Diego™ original painting is a simply elegant, enigmatic clown portrait, that compels a shiver of aesthetic pleasure. With this original painting Diego™ demonstrates a deeply satisfying mastery of the classical style to go with the contemporary rendering of “Le Petit Clown”. Diego Voci™ Original Tempera Painting completed in 1979. Le Petit Clown measures  50 X 40 CM – 24 X 20 Inches and is a beautiful representation of Diego’s contemplative, sensitive style. Shipped with Canada Post Regular Parcel.


Watch how Diego’s travels to #Spain inspired his creativity capturing the feelings and emotions of the people.

Internationally collected artist Antonio Diego Voci (VOH-chee) 1920-1985. visit www.diegovociproject.com to learn more.