Image on Left: Diego Voci: “Donna Fiorentina” #5812-177 oil on canvas

Image Center: Diego Voci: “Nature Morte” #1071-739 oil on canvas

Image on Right: Diego Voci: “Still Life” #781-838 oil on canvas

Diane Lequar shares with the Diego Voci Project Team; “My husband remembers his parents telling stories about buying Diego’s works (between 1974 and 1983) and visiting a gallery in Wiesbaden, but nothing about them actually spending time with the artist. We did find a folder filled with sales receipts and brochures associated with Diego works they purchased — some for themselves and some for friends and family back in the U.S. There is a set of polaroid photos of 9 Diego works we had in our possession at some point.  Attached are images of the backs of the 3 paintings you asked for. We included the sales receipts in the photographs when we had them.” 
Diane continues; “The person who has Avec Visage and the 2 images of old men must have purchased them when we moved to our new house and thinned the collection. I’ve attached original sales receipts for those 3 in case you need them or the current owner wants them.
In other good news, we went down to the basement and found an additional Diego painting — Smiling Clown.  Photos attached.  Clowns scare my daughter, and I forgot we had this one. (Please note that the inscription on the back of this one was added by my father-in-law after the fact. He had quite the sense of humor.)”

We thank Diane for sharing the story of the Lequar Collection of works by internationally collected artist Antonio Diego Voci (VOH-chee 1920-1985).

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OWNER LOCATED! We found Heidi, proud Diego Collector who received this beautiful “La Muse et les filles”!   Heidi received this exquisite gold-leaf DIEGO from a friend who was serving in the Canadian Royal Air Force in the Germany! These #beautiful women are featured here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dECP7O3ftUo

“la muse et les filles” (80 x 60 cm) by DIEGO VOCI

For more on DVP: www.diegovociproject.com  (View https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tSvg_q-EvM )

6.24.2015  Inadvertently this image has become a stray in the Diego Voci Archive Database.  The Diego Voci Project is looking for the owner of this painting.  Any whereabouts, please contact us at diegovociproject@gmail.com.  We have found her!

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