Alessandra and Pallina PastelsHelga Voci, widow of Diego Voci, shares these precious phrases from Diego about their daughter Alessandra when she was a little girl;

“He (Diego) always would say to Alessandra – “Pallina Mia” (Little Ball), he loved her very much, he would go to Italy once a year and buy beautiful dresses, coats and shoes in expensive boutiques for Alessandra, this was his (Diego’s) biggest pleasure!”

To learn more; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Diego_Voci#Germany_-_Naffouj_and_Dahms_galleries







Full Length Green Dress and Maroon Jacket by DIEGO Tweaked 30 DEC 2014When not painting, an abundance of creation filled Diego’s life.  Whether it be cooking, #designing and #tailoring #clothes or charming people, it all supplemented Diego’s painting & drawing, capturing the miracles in human faces and other great works of art.

Helga goes back in time to reminisce when she wore this elegant “green” dress.  Diego had designed and sewn himself.  In Helga’s words,

“I have 1 photo of this green evening dress, it was one evening when Diego and me went to the Theater and Lakshmi took a picture of us, because she thought we looked so nice”.  (click on link for more information on Lakshmi, the nanny; http://www.artifactcollectors.com/diego-history-4330818/Page6.html#171)

DIEGO VOCI “The TAILOR”: While at his first USA exhibit in 1973 at the Broadmoor in Boulder, he designed and sewed a beautiful full length gold brocade dress as a gift for the Brown Family daughters Marsha and Lynda. $20,000 Reward being offered for “Yellow Nude“: See Marsha sitting below the “Yellow Nude”: http://www.artifactcollectors.com/diego-history-4330818/Page3.html#76  Lynda is seen here in the gold brocade dress:  http://www.pinterest.com/diegovoci/diego-tailor-designer-cook-and-more/ 

*Both Google and Bing have selected artworks by Diego to display for their viewer. Search “Diego Voci”, then “click” on Images.

AC DV History #168 3/26/2014