C61 Italian Girl Fauve #584  (ca 68)     28 x 22

DIEGO VOCI: #Italian #Girl, #584, ca 1968 28″ x 2″

#Fauvism is the style of les Fauves (#French for “the wild beasts” ), a short-lived and loose group of early twentieth-century #Modern artists whose works emphasized #bold and #strong, vivid #colors often in contrast to the area defined. Fauvism as a movement began around #1900 and continued beyond #1910.

A favorite of great #museums, fauve #painters included its leaders Henri #Matisse and Andre #Derain joined by Kees Van Dongen, Maurice de #Vlaminck, Alexej #Jawlensky and others.

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AC P OF W #66 6/9/12


#Diego’s LADY ON THE BEACH #1972

“Lady on the Beach” 1972

” Lady on the Beach, 1972 is impressive in its high-contrast composition and vibrant color as well as its content and size (23″ x 40″). This and other works from the early 1970s shows DIEGO stretching his artistic chops into the realm of #surrealism with fauvist-inspired color. We love this painting because of its uniqueness and the craft with which #DIEGO frames the Lady within the #surrealistic landscape. The composition is at once pure figurative DIEGO within a broader surrealistic and #fauvist backdrop.

DIEGO positions the Lady reclined with a vase, referential perhaps to the symbolism of Mary Magdalene . The typical DIEGO comparisons of Modigliani and Matisse are expanded in this piece with the thought and color of #André Derain and maybe Maurice de Vlaminck. It is certainly a different and extraordinary piece.” C.V. 2012

Courtesy of the Collection of Paul Mehler.

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   AC PofW 9/2012 WP 8/2015


Le Amazzoni 31 x 39

1973 “Le Amazzoni” 31 ½” x 39 ½”


What is FAUVE?

  1. Original meaning, “Wild Beast”
  2. In art, “Early 20th Century group of French artists used vivid colors in marked contrast to the actual color of the area defined”.


“I paint wild woman in wild color” Diego 1973

In the spirit of the masters of “Fauve”, Matisse, Derain and others, Diego Voci holds nothing back in “Le Amazzoni”.  This action packed canvas made its premiere performance, painted exclusively for Diego’s first ever USA exhibition held at the Broadmoor Hotel, November 1973 (Curated by Dr. Ogden Brown’s daughter Marsha Largent – Piper).


CASE FILE: Amazon Warrior Women

THE SCENE: Russia and Mongolia

LEAD DETECTIVE: Dr. Jeannine Davis-Kimball

The myth of the Amazons, a tribe of bloodthirsty blond women thundering across arid battlefields to the horror of their male foes, has lingered for centuries. Their exploits seized the imagination of the Greek scribes Homer, Hippocrates, and Herodotus. But proof of their existence had always been lacking. Now, a 2,500-year-old mystery has been solved, cracked by an American scientist whose ten-year odyssey led her tens of thousands of miles in pursuit of the truth. After unearthing evidence of a culture of ancient warrior women in the Russian steppes, Dr. Jeannine Davis-Kimball followed a trail of artifacts to a remote village in Western Mongolia, where her quest for a living link to a long-imagined tribe ended with a startling discovery. There, among the black-eyed Mongols, Davis-Kimball found a blond child, a 9-year-old girl named Meiramgul. Through DNA testing, Davis-Kimball finds that the DNA sequences of the warrior women and those from the girl of Mongolia are identical.

AC P of W #244 12/8/2014