Diego Voci; Master of the Surreal
Top Left; The Green Horse; oil on canvas; 80x40cm
Top Center; Composition XXI; oil on canvas; 60x50cm
Top Right; Valiant Stallion; oil on canvas; 90x60cm
Bottom Right; Le Amazzoni; oil on canvas; 80x100cm

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What does “Composition XXI” mean?

Composition XXI 361-459 Keener

Diego Voci; Composition XXI, oil on canvas; 50x60cm

This is a faded old polaroid of this painting by Diego Voci titled “Composition XXI” purchased by Mr. Keener back in 1977.

Does Mr. Keener still own this painting? Based on the information provided by Helga Voci, widow of Diego Voci (1920-1985), this painting was purchased at an auction back in 1977.

Diego had a way with creating stories within his abstract paintings.  What would happen if you untangle and unravel this work of art?

The all volunteer project team assists the Diego Voci Estate archiving all of Diego Voci’s works of art.  Any whereabouts on “Composition XXI” please contact us at or visit