Diego Voci; “Three Faces” oil on canvas

The Diego Voci Project Team received a letter from Diego Collector; Dan Wilking with one of his internationally collected artist Diego Voci (1920-1985) works of art titled “Three Faces“. Here are the words from Dan to Coop Cooprider; Diego Voci Art Historian

“During the period 1970-1973, I was stationed at the 10th Med Lab in Landstuhl (Germany). We purchased several paintings at the Naffouj Gallery in Landstuhl. Yes, Joy Naffouj introduced me to Diego. He was dark of complexion, had shoulder length hair, and wore a neat leather jacket. We exchanged greetings and that was that. The empathy on the faces of the pictured men drew me to it. The Berlin Wall and Russian episode of that time perhaps were an influence. – Dan Wilking”

Stephen Max, Creative Genius with Diego Voci Project Team is working the latest publication titled “Diego, Artist of a Thousand Faces“. Due out August 10, 2020 the 100th year celebration of Diego’s birth.


This #DiegoVoci™ #painting which was donated by #Collector Stephen Max to The Canadian Actors Equity Association in #1984 for a #fundraiser.



DiegoVoci™ “Comedie Venetienne” 24″x 20″ #4812-155, oil on canvas

Courtesy of The Canadian Actors Equity Association in 1984. An #appraisal for DiegoVoci™ painting “Comedie Venetienne”. 

THE #VALUE OF A DiegoVoci™

Diego 19 Jul 1984

And….the 1st Found “Diego Voci” #Signature on a #document.   See in the #Certificate of #Authenticity for DiegoVoci™ Painting “Comedie Venetienne” signed by DiegoVoci™ himself.


Courtesy of Diego Voci Project www.diegovociproject.com

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