THE KIDS’ PLAYGROUND OF TODAY from physical play… to virtual play.

Comic of Kids VIRTUAL Playing 10 July 2015 POSTAs this is being posted by the San Diego branch of the Diego Voci Project, #fans of comic art are swarming all our city of #SanDiego for the annual largest event #COMICON with their smart phones in hand.


C47 Anguish 1967 31 x 23

My wife Patti titled it “Anguish” (ca. 1966).

It became our first Diego of many to follow in our Diego laden collection of art.

Diego served in the chaos of WWII against the tyranny of the Third Reich (Hitler).

Today there is a new kind of world chaos that threatens freedom of speech.  Death has become the risk the cartoonist pays who pokes fun at the truth.

Protect our Freedoms

4 Killed in Cartoon Protests

Coop Cooprider

Diego Voci Historian