We give you our heartfelt thanks for ALL the support, encouragement and artwork submissions for the upcoming publication by Stephen Max “Diego, Artist of a Thousand Faces”.

Your contributions to the internationally collected artist “Diego Voci” have reinvigorated , revitalized “DIEGO” in the world of art.

This 100th Celebration of Diego’s birth this August 10th will be a celebration unlike any other.

The deadline for submissions was May 24th, 2020, however if you have a hidden gem of a Diego please email us. Stephen Max is presently reviewing all the submissions from each of you.


Deadline for submission for the coming book “Artist of a Thousand Faces” is this Saturday May 24, 2020 (we extended the deadline because of the overwhelming responses to DVP).

But, DVP still wants to catalog all Diego Voci works, so send yours in anyway. diegovociproject@gmail.com

(f yours is super, super, maybe it could pre-empt a lesser work in the book, if you hurry)


Diego Voci: (Top L: Pallina; Top R: Clown; Bottom R: Le Couple; Bottom L: Promenade)

EACH OF YOU… have an opportunity to participate in the publishing of Your Diego artworks. A new book “Artist of a Thousand Faces” is in the planning stages by Stephen Max to celebrate Diego’s 100th Year (August 10th).

Please EMAIL diegovociproject@gmail.com us your unique Diego “faces” works of art and any stories or quips you have, to be considered for this publication (by May 15, 2020)

Example of unique “faces” by Diego above in Face Compilation I



Take an enriching tour thru the deluxe coffee table biography “THE BEAUTY OF DIEGO” by Stephen Max. Don’t let the first 2 pages fool you, they are blank, then delight in a delicious feast of color and unbridled creativity.