This letter (below) was the seed that led to Stephen & Wendy Max representing DiegoVoci™ from 1981 to 1985. 

 Taunusstein, June 17, 1980


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Max,

We hope your trip back to Canada was alright and your painting arrived safely.

Last week we bought our tickets and if nothing unexpected happens we will be arriving in New York on July 10.

Somebody arranged an exhibit in the Officer’s Club in Washington D.C. for Diego on July 12 and 13, therefore we will be going to directly to D.C.  We are planning several exhibits and private parties on our way to the West and will be in Washington State around the 25 of July. We will stay there with our friends in Gig Harbor for several days, they are also planning an exhibit in their gallery and in the Officer’s Club.

I think it is not too far from away from Alberta by plane and we could perhaps fly over to you for 2 days.  Do you know people who would be interested in seeing Diego’s paintings?  Do you think you could arrange a small painting party in your home?  Please write us as soon as possible, so we can organize everything.  We know that Canadians like Diego’s paintings very much and I think that Diego could be quite successful in Canada.

We are waiting for your early reply and in the meantime we remain.

With best wishes.

Helga and Diego

Drawing of Helga 30 x 22  mixed media ca. 80's original

Drawing of Helga Voci


#Juan Gris and #Diego Voci's ARTIST STUDIO (Tempera 100x75cm)

#Juan Gris & #Diego Voci’s ARTIST STUDIO owned by Stephen & Wendy (Tempera 100x75cm)


Love for #Music often brought instruments into the art of #JuanGris and #DiegoVoci

Diego Voci’s Tempera “Artist Studio” is one of 28 DIEGO #artworks owned by Stephen and Wendy Max of Edmonton, #Alberta. They exclusively represented #Diego in #Canada from 1981 until Diego’s untimely death in 1985.

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