The Intricacies of Diego for the Extended Biography Book

Dear Helga,

We here at the Diego Voci Project Team just reread your chapters of “HELGA and DIEGO” by Helga Voci published June 10, 2010 on Artifact Collectors 4330818.html#30.

You are an exceptionally good writer. You make us feel like we’re right there with you. As we plan now for the future expanded Diego biography in book form we look forward to your additional recollections to bring color to Diego’s story from your inside view. What did Diego say? What did Diego do? Every detail is important to the mosaic that makes the whole.

In depth research will take a while. We’ll get it done, with the help of all the Voci Family (including Mario in Italy for the early years).

It took us 2 years of intensive research, documenting and composing just for the encyclopedia version on Wikipedia (now due for an update when time allows).

Helga and Diego listening to Victoria Williams