Words from Canadian Collector James Thomson who shares his interpretation of internationally collected artist Antonio Diego Voci (1920-1985 VOH- chee) painting titled “Women Working in the Field”

This painting was done in very Earthy Brown values of Colour. Three Women gleaning the Harvest. Vincent Van Gogh was captivated by the artistic work of Jean-Francois Millet. I believe that Diego was also attracted by Millet’s paintings of the hard working poor. Diego, I believe captured the essence of these gleaners’ painted as though they are covered by the soil that they must through to salvage wheat or other produce after a Harvest. Van Gogh’s masterpiece of “The Potato Eaters” and other harvesting paintings he did were I’m sure inspired by Millet’s body of works. So I’m very happy to have this somewhat different Oil of Women with Bowed Backs, dirty gowns and aprons foraging to collect food for their families.”

Note: this painting is the only known painting with a wax stamp. The wax stamp says “Naffouj Gallery”, who represented Antonio Diego Voci from 1966-1970

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“. . . many #painters, #sculptors and #printmakers tried some form of #self-portraiture. “Portait of a Man in Turban” by Jan van Eyck of 1433 may well be the earliest known #self-portrait…*”                                   

Here are a few slightly more #contemporary #selfies. Guess “Who’s Who?”

Self Portraits Picasso Cezanne Diego Renoir Modiglian and VanGogh for POST 28 JAN 2016

For the answers, turn this upside-down:

Selfies Answer Upside Down 28 JAN 2016

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Hidden portrait found under #MonaLisa


Secrets Behind The Original Painting

Leonardo #daVinci, #VanGogh, #Rembrandt, #Goya and #DiegoVoci™ all share a common thread in that their paintings have revealed other paintings underneath the original painting.

The found hidden portrait underneath the #MonaLisa was discovered by Pascal Cotte who has spent more than 10 years using the technology to analyse the painting.  He claims the earlier portrait lies hidden underneath the surface of Leonardo’s most celebrated artwork.


#MonaLisa (Da Vinci) and #LaViolenza (DiegoVoci™) share that another common thread that each of these works of art are the most celebrated for each of the artists.

Painting underneath Mona Lisa and La Violenza

DiegoVoci™ “La Violenza” 1973 oil on canvas 35 3/4″ x 41 1/2″.

When Art Historians are researching a painting, many a times the Historian will find another painting painted underneath the painting on hand.  In “La Violenza” their are makings of another painting underneath this finished painting.

Courtesy of the DiegoVoci™ Project www.diegovociproject.com