Antonio Voci signature A Voci Blacksmith painting

Here is one of 3 paintings known to be sold by Schlossgalerie in Zurich, Switzerland; a period when Schlossgalerie in Zurich provided Diego (Voci) a studio (mid 1963-1964) where master paintings were created.

Mr. Buri owner of Schlossgalerie in Zurich during that time period sold Diego’s works under the name “Antonio Voci”.

This painting of a blacksmith was discovered by Susan Vogler Pinfold.  Susan sent this image to the Diego Voci Project and is referenced as “The Smithy” 57 ½” x 69″ oil on canvas.  This painting is signed “A Voci” and on the plaque the name is “Antonio Voci“.

To learn more about Diego Voci’s early life, visit Antonio Diego Voci on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Diego_Voci



From the private DiegoVoci™ #ArtCollection of Leo Gerardo, a retired restaurateur, living in #Frankfurt, #Germany.


Le Teatre 80 x 60 cm 561488 oil on canvas TWEAKED

Le Teatre, 31” x 24”, #561488, oil on canvas

#Leo shares a story from the early #1980s where Siegfried Dahms, owner of then #Galerie Dahms in #Wiesbaden, Germany saw this painting and offered Leo DM 20,000 (US $11,153).  Siegfried Dahms said he could sell it (Le Teatre by DiegoVoci™ ) the next day to an #Opera #Tenor  “#Pagliacci” performing in the famous #HessichesStaatsheater  in Wiesbaden.  Leo said he was tempted to #sell, but turned him down.  Leo believes once the art world discovers DiegoVoci™ art the value of his artwork will escalate.

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