This dramatic “Green Horse”, surrealistic in nature oil painting is owned by Stephen and Wendy Max in Edmonton, Canada. The depth in the “Green Horse” is as effective as wearing 3-D glasses.  Stephen and Wendy’s collection of Diego Voci artwork began in the late sixties, and after all these years still numbers 27 pieces. Large numbers of Diego works per collector is not uncommon especially in Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Italy and USA.

The Green Horse_oil on Canvas_40_X_80CM

 “The Green Horse”, 31 ½” x 16″, oil on canvas

Explore DIEGO’s Horse Genre series in Diego Voci History. 4330818/Page2.html#56

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“The Chair”

We need to find this #DIEGO painting.

Diego’s title for this painting “____________” could have been “The Chair” which dominates this composition with a mannequin-like female in front and a couple of surrealistic #MaxErnst clouds tucked into the background.

It became the choice of a Diego collector, but, who?   The who is unknown to the Diego Voci Project.  Help us find this painting.

Diego painted an estimated 4,000 canvases. Have you seen another with this black chair with colored upholstery?  Let us know.

See this painting “THE CHAIR” on page 86 (left hand side) of an excerpt from the new “The Beauty of Diego” Book.

page 86 and 87 The Chair Unknown and Painter and Model Helgas

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#Surrealism by #Diego Voci #LES ANIMAUX



More #ART by #Diego, see 

DIEGO VOCI Painting of the Week, April 9th, 2012 (more than 2 years ago….)

 The painting of the week is an example of DIEGO Voci’s interpretation of surrealism. #Wikipedia defines #surrealism as such; “Surrealist works feature the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur”.DIEGO pushed the elements of surprise in this Dali style of expression in an animalistic form.   A few more to view:

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What is the common denominator of each of these 6 wonder horses?

  1. Secretariat
  2. Seattle Slew
  3. Flicka
  4. Black Beauty
  5. Valiant Stallion
  6. Green Horse

Each of these wonder horses came to their owners for very little money; owners who deeply believed in them, and loved them.  And today, they are among the world’s best remembered equine for their greatness.

It seems certain horses and certain horse lovers have a “Sixth” sense, an intuition that brings them together providing an energy that propels them to championship.

Here are images of two championship horses (page 28 & 29) from the new 145 page deluxe #art book “The Beauty of Diego” which you can view electronically at no charge.

page 28 and 29 Green Horse and Valiant Stallion

“Valiant Stallion” and the “Green Horse” are the magnificent creations of internationally collected artist Antonio Diego Voci (1920-1985) depicted in the #surreal; artistic champions on canvas inspired by Diego’s love of #horses he observed.    


Stephen Max, in Canada, the creative member of the volunteer Diego Voci Project has been busy experimenting with creating the “DIEGO” brand that will rise above the cacophony of competition to attract attention of the eyes and ears of the larger audience.

S. Max Diego Logo Example Antonio Diego Voci Retrospective

This is Max’s imaginary entrance to a future Diego Museum Exhibition.  Help him expand his ideas even beyond his impressive Diego brand results so far.

Post your “DIEGO” brand WOW here (all ideas are welcome).

To see another of the half dozen brand ideas Max has created: .  The other examples can be found on Stephen Max’s Facebook page.

Stephen Max is the author and publisher of the new deluxe 145 page book “The Beauty of Diego”

#”The Beauty of Diego”

See the Preview here:

#”The Beauty of Diego”.



“The Beauty of Diego” featuring internationally collected artist Antonio #Diego Voci (1920-1985) opened last week sharing billing at Times Square with Mamma Mia. Producer Stephen #Max was bathed in acclaim at #“The Beauty of Diego” after party . . .

#BRAVO!    . . .and, then I woke up.*

In reality “The Beauty of Diego” is a handsome real life new 145 page deluxe book ($127) featuring more than 120 images of Italian post-war modern master artist Diego Voci.

#Canadian,  Stephen Max, is the real life producer who invites you to a review via an electronic tour of the amazing real life book.

The Beauty of DIEGO

The Beauty of DIEGO

For the biography:

* The author of this dream is Coop Cooprider, Diego Voci Historian:


At last we have located this magnificent #Diego Voci #art contribution to the world of #surrealism.


Four and a half years ago, the volunteer Diego Voci Project began its search for the lost art of Antonio Diego Voci.  The existence of this stellar “Composition” was known, but not its whereabouts.  It was seen on the easel in this black and white photo taken about 1966-67, in the living room of Helga and Diego’s rented home/studio in Wiesbaden, Germany (in the middle is their friend Heidi).  See image below.

Helga Diego and Neighbor with Composition

This exceptional surrealism example was under the bed in the home of the original owners in Lansing, Kansas, due to down-sizing.  Jeri found our websites.    As soon as we learned of this marvelous canvas, we featured it as the May 12, 2014 Painting of the Week.

Last week, the painting arrived at the doorstep of Coop Cooprider, Diego Art Historian.  When the major Diego Museum exhibition takes place, (awaiting a generous benefactor) this “Composition” signed “Diego” with its statuesque rhythm will hold a prominent position among this forgotten artist’s masterworks.

The learn more about Diego,

To see other works by Diego, Google “Diego Voci Images”

To communicate contact email

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#”The Beauty of Diego”

PREVIEW:   … …. turn the pages …come on….do it, now!

Purchase at cost from:

The Beauty of DIEGO

“The Beauty of Diego” is a handsomely bound 12” X 12” high quality, hard cover Coffee Table Book with more than 100 colour images of Diego’s works never before published in book form. The book is conceived as a Fine Art Book for Art Lovers everywhere to enjoy and display. Published in support of the Diego Voci Project and Estate. Purchase at cost from:

DIEGO Page Sample 1

“The first idea… the first few lines decide the whole work.”  Diego

... #clowns ...

… #clowns …

“A man does not find interest to be an artist …

…. It comes automatically” Diego