Chapter One: Who is Helga Voci?

I was born in Prag, Czechoslovakia in 1939, just before the war started. My parents were Germans, at that time many Germans had been living in Czechoslovakia for generations. When the war started my father had to join the army and he was killed in 1941 in Russia, my maiden name was Drössler. In 1945 all Germans had to leave Czechoslovakia (because Hitler had lost the war) and we were brought to Germany, my family to Bavaria.

Diego Voci; “Praq / Tschechien” oil on wood; 80x56cm painted in honor of Helga’s heritage

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OWNER LOCATED! We found Heidi, proud Diego Collector who received this beautiful “La Muse et les filles”!   Heidi received this exquisite gold-leaf DIEGO from a friend who was serving in the Canadian Royal Air Force in the Germany! These #beautiful women are featured here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dECP7O3ftUo

“la muse et les filles” (80 x 60 cm) by DIEGO VOCI

For more on DVP: www.diegovociproject.com  (View https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tSvg_q-EvM )

6.24.2015  Inadvertently this image has become a stray in the Diego Voci Archive Database.  The Diego Voci Project is looking for the owner of this painting.  Any whereabouts, please contact us at diegovociproject@gmail.com.  We have found her!

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