Diego Voci; Madonna and Child 1969 oil on canvas 31.5″ x 23.5″

Watch this wonderful video from the creative genius Stephen Max of The Diego Voci Project Team. These moments will fill you with joy.

To learn more about the internationally collected artist Antonio Diego Voci, visit here: Antonio Diego Voci – Wikipedia


In the same spirit of the previous “Ebony and Ivory” post COLORBLIND SERIES 4 #COLORBLIND DIEGO ART SERIES 5

We now present a black and white LINOCUT experiment by internationally collected artist Antonio Diego Voci (1920-1985).

Diego was always experimenting, glass paint, sand paint, collage, and here LINOCUT. As an example of his artistic genius, I’d rate this at best a “C” plus, but not bad for the first time carving piece of linoleum. The hard part is to think in reverse: what you carve away becomes the white, and what’s left of the lino surface covered with ink and pressed to paper becomes the black.


The #Artist of a Thousand Faces”  Antonio Diego #Voci (1920-1985) internationally collected artist is mostly referred to as “Diego”. Although Diego’s versatility covered many #mediums, subject matters and #genres, the focus here in Part Three is in Diego’s mastery and #superior talent with  #faces.

Group 3 Oct 21 2017

#FACES SERIES PART THREE – faded #photos and #polaroids inventoried by Helga

Diego #aficionados know from their own collections that #Diego created what appear to be #portraits of real people who posed – Diego actually did most from memory. Diego’s figurative #art includes the clear precision of the detailed features in faces. See more at #Pinterest:

#Clowns were a sure seller for #Diego and #Helga (Diego’s widow). He thrived into #cultures in Zurich and Paris. Anywhere actually See some of the Clowns we’ve have uncovered. Above one of such clowns was sold to Mr. Beckett on 5 October 1975 in Heidelberg, #Germany. Where is it now?

Contact us with your #Faces by Antonio Diego #Voci – and read more about Diego at our DVP #Wikipedia #Biography: