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#GOOGLE captured Diego Voci works of #Art to display in its #GOOGLE #Gallery


Close up of Berlin door

Diego Sculpture Door 1970 EXTRA

In the 1970, the parents of Helga Voci (Diego’s wife), built a new house in Bavaria. Diego’s artistic involvement can be seen in the interior and exterior to this day.

Here is an image of the front door (along with a close up) designed and sculpted in copper by Diego. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Diego_Voci#Germany_-_Naffouj_and_Dahms_galleries

The inspiration of the design was of the Roman time period. Notice the Roman numbers across the middle of the door.

To be fascinated by Diego’s talents Google “Diego Voci” and click “images”.  

#Diego’s #African Fascination … (One Available Below)

Diego Voci African Genre and Ebay listing of African Litho

Here is just a sliver of Diego Voci collectors who own Diego’s African works of art.  An opportunity to buy one for yourself Diego Voci (1920-85) Original Lithographie Composition Africane Mit 60 x 80 cm (direct link to ebay).

Google Diego Voci, click images see Googles’ selection of Diego’s works of art.

Googles selection of Diego Voci images

Not Diego Rivera as first posted!

Diego Watercolor Live Auctioneers $5K starting bid

First offered at $5,000 on www.LiveAuctioneers.com

That offer was later withdrawn and offered by Live Auctioneers as an oil painting by internationally collected artist Antonio Diego Voci (1920-85). Identical image, same frame, same corner protectors.

Google Diego Voci, click images for Google’s selections.Google Diego Voci Images


4 #months later what does #Google search say about the posting of 4 #Diego Voci #paintings for #sale by Diego Collector David Blackburn?

We asked #Google to search: “Diego Voci paintings for sale


NOTE: #Google #algorithms respond differently in search references based on what they think are the interests of the individual user, so they may show a different order on the readers search.

Searched results:

On the first page Diego Voci Project is noted as number three as an entry within “WordPress.com” stating “Blackburn comment –on- 4 –paintings- for –sale – on”.

Artpal” came up number five stating “I have a #private #collection of nine DIEGO Voci original paintings that I ….”

Page Two of this search on Google shows that http://www.diegovociproject.com shows up #16.  And then dz.wordpress/tag/”Four Diego Voci Painting for sale.” (with images) which also provides link to #Artpal for Blackburn’s 4 paintings for sale.

Visit www.diegovociproject.com.  We are an all-volunteer team assisting the Diego Voci Estate in creating awareness of the internationally collected artist Diego Voci.

#Figurative #Abstract… Where is this #DiegoVoci #Painting?

DIEGO Voci working

#HelgaVoci (widow of Diego) says DiegoVoci™ would hum the #theme from “#LoveStory” as he painted.

In the image above, DIEGO Voci at work in his home studio. Help! Can anyone identify the whereabouts of this DIEGO work in progress?

DiegoVoci on Google (click images) and #YouTube.  To purchase original DiegoVoci paintings, click on www.diegovociproject.com.

AC DV History #22 5/10/2010

#GOOGLE #DiegoVoci™ AND SEE…

… just a few images of what #Google lets you find online by internationally collected #artist “Antonio DIEGO VOCI”:

GOOGLE Results Printscreen 20 FEB 2016

#Google Search: “Diego Voci” or “Antonio Diego Voci”

Stephen Max also published “The Beauty of Diego“. You can view it for #FREE at: http://www.blurb.com/books/5419805-the-beauty-of-diego 

Search for DiegoVoci™ on BING, too. Different results, but a plethora of Antonio DiegoVoci™ artworks – and videos, such as the tour of the “Virtual #Museum” by DiegoVoci™ Collector and Creative DiegoVoci™ #Guru Stephen Max in Canada:                  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GG5Jl-2FuXM

Tell us about your “DiegoVoci”. Remember he signs: #Voci, #Diego, #A. Voci, and more:

DiegoVoci™ Questions or Stories:   diegovociproject@gmail.com


From the private DiegoVoci™ #ArtCollection of Leo Gerardo, a retired restaurateur, living in #Frankfurt, #Germany.


Le Teatre 80 x 60 cm 561488 oil on canvas TWEAKED

Le Teatre, 31” x 24”, #561488, oil on canvas

#Leo shares a story from the early #1980s where Siegfried Dahms, owner of then #Galerie Dahms in #Wiesbaden, Germany saw this painting and offered Leo DM 20,000 (US $11,153).  Siegfried Dahms said he could sell it (Le Teatre by DiegoVoci™ ) the next day to an #Opera #Tenor  “#Pagliacci” performing in the famous #HessichesStaatsheater  in Wiesbaden.  Leo said he was tempted to #sell, but turned him down.  Leo believes once the art world discovers DiegoVoci™ art the value of his artwork will escalate.

Search for DiegoVoci™ on #Google and #YouTube

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