Helga and Diego Voci’s daughter Alessandra #celebrates another year of life! 

Alessandra 2016  Bday KAC 26 JAN 2016

Alessandra like her father DiegoVoci™ is strong and determined. Not without challenges. Alessandra fights the daily battle with #Crohn’s Disease. She is the mother of two young men Timo and Tommy and enjoys life to it’s fullest. Alessandra cherishes #memories with her #artist father  #AntonioDiegoVoci – a few seen above!

Fröhlichen Geburtstag Fräulein #Voci!

Schönen Gruss, the DiegoVoci™ Project
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28 NOV 2015 COOP Signature Box KAC

AC DV History #210 1/27/2016

#Diego Voci’s Daughter ALESSANDRA and #Crohn’s Disease

Thank you Matthew! At 19 yrs old, #DIEGO VOCI was a competitive cyclist! His daughter Alessandra has battled CROHN’ for years now. More power to you!


I am forwarding your information on the DIEGO’s Widow Helga in Germany. Hopefully it can motivate her, too! For more about DIEGO, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Diego_Voci

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