The first idea… the first few lines decide the whole work.” Antonio DIEGO Voci (what would DIEGO think of Art today……)ART BASEL 2014 - A ROARING SUCCESS

Doug Aitken, Exit (large) (2014) at Regen Projects
Photo: Ben Davis




Doggone Good Pic of Dog Reading 2014 (790x1024)

Below is #“Diego” at the half way point in his unfinished painting applying the first layer of paints for Mr. Arthur #Booth. Next are the finishing brush strokes where many, many colors are blended together to end in a climax that shouts, “This is a #“DIEGO”!” It is titled “The Red Dancer.”

DIEGO with Red Dancer WITHOUT Red Lines on foto - Arthur Booth 22 July 2014 (2) (934x1280)

HELP US TRACK DOWN this painting in its finished form, so we can include it in a future museum exhibition. Is #Arthur Booth still living? Mr. Booth’s last known address over 40 years ago was in #Heidelberg, #Germany at Kolbenzielstrasse 20.

Also to see another view of #DIEGO at this easel, as he turns to Mr. Booth, click:


See more #DIEGO’s in color: http://www.pinterest.com/diegovoci/

AC Diego Voci History #27 5/25/2010

#”The Beauty of Diego”

PREVIEW:   blur.by/1xo4tx2   …..click …. turn the pages …come on….do it, now!

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The Beauty of DIEGO

“The Beauty of Diego” is a handsomely bound 12” X 12” high quality, hard cover Coffee Table Book with more than 100 colour images of Diego’s works never before published in book form. The book is conceived as a Fine Art Book for Art Lovers everywhere to enjoy and display. Published in support of the Diego Voci Project and Estate. Purchase at cost from: blur.by/1xo4tx2

DIEGO Page Sample 1

“The first idea… the first few lines decide the whole work.”  Diego

... #clowns ...

… #clowns …

“A man does not find interest to be an artist …

…. It comes automatically” Diego