Happy 100th (August 10th) Birthday Innocenzo! Who?

1920 August VOCI Antonio Innocenzo Birth Certificate Gasperina, Italy

Why would someone change their middle name to “Diego”? Google “Diego” and you get results for San Diego, Diego Rivera, Go Go Diego, children’s character. Antonio Diego Voci changed his middle name to Diego. Google Antonio Diego Voci, click on images and be amazed to view artworks by “Diego” Voci.

“Diego” as he wanted the world to know him, rejected his birth middle name “Innocenzo“. Being the youngest of three boys by fifteen years, that sweet little newborn was the picture of innocence (Italian: innocenza). Diego wanted to be seen as anything but innocent. The family pet childhood name “Toto” was enough to bear. “Diego told me he never liked his middle name,” said Helga Drössler Voci, wife. “Innocenzo” is conspicuous by its official document absence in Diego’s life. Innocenzo was discovered only on his birth certificate (see below). After that it is “Antonio Voci” until 1976 when “Diego” is slipped into a government document.” – Antonio Diego Voci Wikipedia https://www.diegovociproject.com/