DIEGO VOCI at the canvas

DIEGO VOCI at the canvas

Here is another example where the unbelievable craze of the #Keane Big Eyes influenced Diego Voci fans to beg him to paint his version of #BigEyes for them to add to their collection of Diego artworks. Reluctantly to please a few good customers Diego did paint a few with rounder eyes, but maintained his distinctive touch of the brush on canvas. Google “DiegoVoci” to read more about the artist #DiegoVoci. Click on “Images” while on Google – or use Bing, too!

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If you did not yet see the movie Big Eyes with #Margaret played by #Amy_Adams, do so. A narcissistic cold-hearted imposter who could not paint, married the real artist Margaret, but put his name “Keane” on all of her canvasses and promoted himself and the art into an international phenomenon. BigEyes the Movie Promo Pic


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M Keane for DIEGO Comparison Social Media 27 DEC 2014

A craze that moved the world.

New York Times said it wasn’t art.

The public thought better. Indirectly Margaret #Keane had an influence on #Diego.

Demand by the public for Diego to please paint something similar to Keane’s girls with #BigEyes at first fell on deaf ears.

For a long time Diego resisted. He prided himself in his refusal to ever copy.

Finally, Diego would not admit it; but, he did a few paintings of young girls without sacrificing his own style.

The Diego #Collectors loved them. Here is one owned by Paul Mehler.

2 Girls BIG EYES Oil on  Canvas 24 x 20 Paul Mehler Collection 1972 for Big Eyes

AC DV History #191 1/16/2015