Today, October 26th, 2015 my dad COOP COOPRIDER celebrates his 79th B-DAY!

As Diego Voci #Historian since 1973, my dad Coop is responsible for almost every publication you may have held on to when you bought your DIEGO artwork(s) since then!  In 2010 when dad and I were googling (it wasn’t even an official Webster’s Dictionary word yet) and found Mary Trimmins’ post on Artifact Collectors, who would have thought we’d be here today having cataloged over 1,000 Diego Artworks in the official DIEGO VOCI ARCHIVE to date at the DIEGO VOCI PROJECT (DVP).

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My favorite of dad’s publications is the 8-Page catalog:

Coop's 8-page Catalog Published in 1974.

Coop’s 8-page Catalog Self-Published in 1974.

The cover seen here, has been used repeatedly over the years by all who love Diego and also like DIEGO’s signature. My dad, Coop, actually watched Diego draw and then created this trademark signature we all recognize. My dad and Diego spent much time together and hence we have the TV Guides*, the Interview with Victoria Williams*, and many memories*! (*See the publications, signature, Helga’s stories and more about Diego, and all 8 pages at our DVP thread on AC: http://www.artifactcollectors.com/diego-history-4330818.html#43308 )

My brother Kyle and 5 sisters: Shannon, Molli, Gabrielle, Kendra, and Tayna are so blessed to have Coop Cooprider as our dad – and Patti as our mom. They’ll be celebrating 57 years of marriage this coming February. One of my favorite photos is seen here:Dad and Mom COOPS 79th Birthday TODAY 26 OCT 2015

And, in addition to having had a successful career as a top executive, raising 7 children with my mom #Patti – dad, Coop, sings. Instead of pursuing a singing career as “Buddy Ashton” he stayed with mom to give us all 7 – a very good life! Dad took time out about 12 years ago to record a CD (yes, he croons like Frank #Sinatra!) titled “14 for my 7“:

“14 for my 7” by Coop

The DIEGO VOCI PROJECT would not be as successful as it has been without Lisa Camargo and Stephen Max in Canada. We all celebrate together for Coop’s continued desire to enhance DIEGO VOCI’s awareness in the art world! Thank you dad, Kami

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In October 1973, Dr. Ogden (Ted) Brown had DIEGO as their guest, sponsoring a stellar one-man exhibition for him at the #Broadmoor Resort, #Boulder, #Colorado.

Marsha Largent, who then became Diego’s U.S. Representative, was the source of these 3 pricelists for Diego Voci #artworks:

2 1973 Pricelists in PAINT Post for Social Media 20 JAN 2015

The first (Top Left) appears to be the prices that Diego expected from the sale of each work – prepared by Helga Voci.

The second (Top Right) appears to be the retail asking price at the #Broadmoor show.

21 years later, the third (list) compiled in 1994 appears to be appraisals in Helga Voci’s hand, perhaps for determining insurance values.

Handwritten 1994 Pricelist by Helga in PAINT for POST 20 JAN 2015

To see #Diego with Ted and Alyce Brown in #Colorado Springs:


To see Marsha Largent on the couch under her favorite Diego “Nude in Yellow” :


This same post #445 on AC – ADV also announces the $20,000 Reward for Return of “Nude in Yellow.”

To see “Le Amazzoni” which on the list above in 1973 was sold for $3,000, in 1994 was appraised at $5,000:


An additional 20 years later (2015), view the current #wholesale pricing on the DIEGO VOCI ESTATE, available through Helga Voci:  http://www.diegovociproject.com/#!acquire-originals/c1d4p

Contact us with #DIEGO questions and or comments you have: diegovociproject@gmail.com

AC DV History #192 1/21/2015


M Keane for DIEGO Comparison Social Media 27 DEC 2014

A craze that moved the world.

New York Times said it wasn’t art.

The public thought better. Indirectly Margaret #Keane had an influence on #Diego.

Demand by the public for Diego to please paint something similar to Keane’s girls with #BigEyes at first fell on deaf ears.

For a long time Diego resisted. He prided himself in his refusal to ever copy.

Finally, Diego would not admit it; but, he did a few paintings of young girls without sacrificing his own style.

The Diego #Collectors loved them. Here is one owned by Paul Mehler.

2 Girls BIG EYES Oil on  Canvas 24 x 20 Paul Mehler Collection 1972 for Big Eyes

AC DV History #191 1/16/2015


    The first idea… the first few lines decide the whole work.” Antonio DIEGO Voci (what would DIEGO think of Art today……)ART BASEL 2014 - A ROARING SUCCESS

Doug Aitken, Exit (large) (2014) at Regen Projects
Photo: Ben Davis



BLOUN ART INFO 4 DEC 2014For more:  http://www.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/1066010/the-definitive-top-11-booths-at-art-basel-miami-beach?utm_source=BLOUIN+ARTINFO+Newsletters&utm_campaign=a1276bbfda-Daily+Digest+DEC.4.2014&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_df23dbd3c6-a1276bbfda-83386813


DIEGO Dancing in Front of Fireplace he Sculpted FOR BLOG 2 DEC 2014

The world is infatuated with #celebrities.

But, don’t tell #DIEGO, we’re making him a #celebrity.  Diego said,

You want to make me something in the sky with wings…go ahead.

You want to make me famous…go ahead.  But, this is  not my life.” -1974

#Vincent_Van_Gogh whose works were rejected during the #artist’s troubled lifetime would have gladly traded places with Antonio DIEGO Voci who in his lifetime (1920 – 1985) sold thousands of #paintings.

In 1973, Siegfried Dahms owner of #Galerie Dahms on the prestigious #Wilhelmsstrasse in #Wiesbaden said,

We cannot get enough DIEGOs for our collectors. 

He is exactly the taste

of the #German people.”

 #Diego died at home December 10, 1985. Diego’s studio/residence was nearby to Galerie Dahms in Taunusstein where his widow #Helga #Voci still lives today.

Google “Diego Voci” to see more. Prepare to be amazed.


Recollections of DIEGO VOCI by Susan Max, daughter of Stephen and Wendy Max follow below. Susan is the proud owner of “Jeune fille avec chapeau fleuri”Jeune fille avec Chapeau Fleuri 291-921 belongs to Susan Max

“As a young girl living in Germany I had the rare treat of going to meet a REAL artist. I was so excited! His name was Diego Voci and at first sight I recognized Diego’s charisma. My nervousness subsided as he drew us into his world with his exceptional interest in each of us. He was very interested in the fact that both my middle brother and I read and played instruments. Diego upon learning or our musical training removed a napkin and drew a treble clef on it asking us to explain what the clef symbol was and a sheet of music he had.

What struck me was that during this visit the house he lived in was a cornucopia for the imagination. He graciously took us through the living and working areas and I seem to recall an easel with unfinished work set up in the studio.

I remember DIEGO as a man that displayed so much interest in the world around him. I also remember him saying that you could paint with color, light and canvas. He had the ability to instantly draw you into his world and to include you into it. Much of my memories are that of an observer being let into a brilliant artists life.

I remember how he also mentioned that I reminded him of a young girl and how my face shape was so similar. I remember being transfixed at the beautiful colors and the huge easels with work yet to be finished.

On asking him when he painted, he responded then that he never knew when the urge would present itself and then as we were leaving Diego left and went into the studio where he started to paint.

I am so lucky to be influenced by such a brilliant and still current REAL artist.”

Susan Max, Toronto, Canada                                                         (https://www.facebook.com/zenphotocafe)

For more images of DIEGO’s artwork and his masterpieces see Stephen Max’ newly published book The Beauty of Diego : http://www.blurb.com/books/5419805-the-beauty-of-diego

AC DV History #187 11/29/2014



This gallery contains 3 photos.

On October 7, 2014 an ad appeared on Craigslist in Zürich in search of “Diego” artwork. Great idea! If they do find some, it will be quite a treasure! One is not likely to find a “Diego“, a signature not used … Continue reading



This gallery contains 3 photos.

FOR RETURN OF “NUDE IN YELLOW” BY ANTONIO DIEGO VOCI In 1973 Dr. Ogden Brown, an addicted Diego collector obtained the phenomenal “NUDE IN YELLOW” 48″ x 36″ directly from the artist. “About 1975, this large early 70’s oil painting … Continue reading


Virtual Museum Tour Image for Link to Retrospective 16.08.2014

Experience the possibilities. TAKE A #VIRTUALMUSEUM TOUR of DIEGO:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GG5Jl-2FuXM