Sales Over Past 10 Years! Top 10 Most Expensive Living American Artists 2015

Jasper Johns Flag 1955

Jasper Johns, Flag 1955

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Jeff Koons

Jasper Johns

Ed Ruscha

Christopher Wool

Robert Ryman

Brice Marden

Cady Noland

Richard Prince

David Hammons

Cindy Sherman 

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GIACOMETTI “Pointing Man” SOLD $141 Million at Christie’s! GIACOMETTI FAKES!

Alberto Giacometti’s human-scale bronze sculpture of a pointing man fetched $141.3 million in New York, setting an auction record for the Swiss artist.

And German Art Dealer Busted Trying to Sell Fake Giacometti Sculpture

Police discovered over 1,000 bronze Giacometti forgeries in the gang’s warehouse. The authorities melted down the sculptures, but as the current court case shows, many are still on the market.

Buyer beware!  The information shared is to inform buyers to have your priceless works of art authenticated.

Giacometti Pointing Man and Giacometti Fake

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