Diego Voci Project needs your help! $20,000 REWARD!

$20,000 REWARD yes $20,000 REWARD for this stolen masterwork by internationally collected artist Antonio DIEGO VOCI (VOH-chee) 1920-1985!

From the voice of Marsha Piper, one of the daughters to the Brown Family;
“My dad, Dr. Ogden (Ted) Brown and mom, Alyce (both deceased), at one point in the seventies had the largest collection of DIEGO Voci artworks. This photo below with DIEGO was taken with them in front of our Colorado Springs home in 1973. DIEGO was our guest as we sponsored a stellar one-man exhibition for him at the Broadmoor Resort. While as guest, DIEGO designed and sewed a fully lined brocade dress for me and my sister Lynda. DIEGO was constantly drawing, and he cooked for our family, selecting and purchasing every little ingredient. A memorable experience.”

The Brown family has dispersed the entire Diego Voci collection with their entire family; staying true to the legacy of Diego Voci.

$20,000 REWARD

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The Case of The NUDE in YELLOW 18 JUNE 2015This Masterwork by International Artist Antonio Diego Voci was stolen! Help us find and return this oil on canvas masterpiece.

In 1973 Dr. Ogden Brown, an addicted Diego collector, obtained the phenomenal “NUDE IN YELLOW” 48″ x 36″ directly from the artist.

Then on or about 1974, this master painting strangely disappeared in a move of the Brown family from one home to another in Colorado. They saw “NUDE IN YELLOW” go into the moving truck.The painting was missing when the truck was unloaded and hasn’t been seen since. Read more about the incidentat: 


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