Mann mit roter Mutze polaroid image

Diego Voci; 60 x 50 cm oil on canvas (polaroid image of painting)

The internationally collected artist Antonio Diego Voci (1920-1985) is known as “The Artist of a Thousand Faces”.  Diego claimed he painted them all from memory.   The exception was his time doing caricatures, when he would complete 20 in two to three hours.  Helga, Diego’s widow, remembers “People would stand in line waiting their turn.  They loved him.  When we met in Paris and we needed money Diego would go away with a pad of 20 sheets of paper, and come back with money.”

We know this masterful painting was purchased in Diego’s studio for $450 on 4th April 1981.  Please tell us if you have any clue of the owner of this painting or any information on this painting?

Discover Diego Voci Two Masterworks offer $20K & $30K reward for recovery.  Here are the links to the videos.  Any information contact us at diegovociproject@gmail.com


Nu Couche by Modigliani

You still have a chance to own this sultry nude brunette at #Christie’s blockbuster auction on November 9th in #NYC. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-09-02/christie-s-chases-another-record-season-with-modigliani-nude

When you don’t have a spare hundred million and want a masterful nude, be on the lookout for a #DiegoVoci (1920-1985) he did several nudes.  This one if you find it has a $20,000 reward for its returns to be featured in some future major museum exhibition

5. Nude in Yellow #758  48 x 36 ca. early 70's

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