Featured this month, is Joedy Riederer’s story, her meeting and friendship with Diego, Helga and Liliane during the mid seventies.
Joedy, thank you for sharing your story.
Her Story: The Diego Voci Project first made contact with Joedy in 2011 through Facebook. Here we are 10 years later finally having archived the exquisite Diego collection of the Riederer family, with a great story to share.
While stationed in Frankfurt, Germany, Joedy and her husband Bill bought their first Diego. As a young captain and a limited budget, Joedy says it’s because they were able to make monthly payments to Liliane Dussard that they could afford it. Monthly payments helped their Diego collection grow. Sounds like Coop Cooprider’s’ “Potato Chip Phenomena” got to the young couple of whom Joedy says “we bought what we really liked – and still do.”

Invited to Diego’s Studio, entertained by Helga, they brought their son Danny, a toddler, at the time. During the visit Diego began doing a portrait of her son who they didn’t think would sit still; and it was going along okay, until another little toddler Alessandra came tumbling into the room. Together they were reckless. But they got through the visit and Joedy enjoys the portrait of Danny to this day.
  Danny Riederer                                                  Alessandra Voci

 “At Play” in Diego’s Studio. NOTE: Dany’s image was completed in 1976, the date on the image (1967) is Joedy and Bill’s wedding date.

While getting to know Liliane, Joedy very much enjoyed spending time with her at the Officers Wives Club bazaars and events, finally even assisting her in selling Diego’s art. Her big challenge to herself was her brother Jim, of whom she said “If I can sell something to him I can sell something to anyone.” The selling with Liliane did not last long, as the military housing was determined off limits for door-to-door sales. Liliane was a significant part of Helga and Diego’s art world. Read more about their gold-leaf frame painting HERE
L’Été’ et l’hiver, (Summer and Winter), Antonio DIEGO™ Voci, L’Été’ et l’hiver, (Summer and Winter). 

Oil on Canvas Original Oil Painting 851-317 1975, 60 CM X 50 CM Personal Collection of Joedy Riederer. Used with Permission The Diego™ Voci Estate.
Once the Riederer family moved back to the United States, Bill was stationed at Fort Lewis, in Tacoma WA. Right nearby was “Die Kleine Galerie“, owned by Susan Talbert. They acquired yet another Diego. They truly liked Diego’s art and Joedy, to this day enjoys her Diego collection. Diego’s artworks still grace the walls of her home.
While talking to Joedy, now a widow I found she is very energetic – I can see her way back when – and she is very happy to be a part of the Diego Voci Project. We are glad to have you on board, even if it took us nearly 10 years to connect. Are there more of you Diego aficionados out there?
                                                                                                                                          …Kami Cooprider

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