DIEGO’s “Unintentional Trilogy”

In the newly published book “ARTIST OF A THOUSAND FACES” Stephen Max, DVP Producer, tells Coop Cooprider’s story of the “An Unintentional Trilogy” by Diego. Three artworks, now in the Cooprider Family Collection, were inspired initially by the famous 1936 photograph #Migrant Mother by Dorothea #Lange shown here courtesy of #MoMa.org. All three DIEGO artworks are featured in the new book:

“#MIGRANT MOTHER” by Dorothea Lange (1936) and “Lady Drinking Tea” by DIEGO (1140-68)
Excerpt from “Artist of a Thousand faces” by Stephen Max, DVP Producer, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
“Composition with 3 Women” (1157-68) and “Friends” (1159-68) created by DIEGO in 1968.

Diego’s first creation in 1968 was “Lady Drinking Tea” which Dr. Jawdat Naffouj and his then wife Joy were fascinated by and added it to their Private Art Collection and asked Diego to consider making another. The result “Composition with 3 Women” was again a hit also becoming part of the Naffouj Private Collection. Wanting a larger one still, Diego produced “Friends” and as you will see in the book, the back of the painting clearly is marked with Jawdat and Joy’s signatures. In 1974, the “Naffouj Galerie” in Landstuhl, Germany parted with the three artworks as a ‘family’ now owned by Patti and Coop Cooprider. A photo of “Friends” on the wall above proud owner and father, Coop, sitting with 6 of their 7 children in 1974.

From Left: Gabrielle, Tayna, Molli, Coop, Shannon, Kendra and Kyle

GOOGLE “DIEGO VOCI” and enjoy the variety of Diego’s faces he loved to paint!

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