From article: Historically underrepresented and undervalued, women artists have always made work that is innovative, impressive, and thought-provoking. Today, many institutions are giving due recognition to this fact, including the leading Nordic fair CHART, which is showcasing solely women artists in this year’s edition. Below, find a selection of highlights from the fair—launching on Artsy on August 19th—alongside a selection of paintings by new and noteworthy female-identifying artists, hand-picked by Artsy’s Curatorial team. Highlights include a colorful collage by Hayal Pozanti, a typographic piece by Turner Prize–winning artist Laure Prouvost, and Monica Kim Garza’s portrayal of full-figured nude bodies enjoying a drink at the bar.

For complete article: https://www.artsy.net/collection/women-painters-on-the-rise?utm_medium=email&utm_source=21242826-nl-guide&utm_campaign=guide&utm_content=st-T

Compliments of DVP https://www.diegovociproject.com/

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