In our last of the Madonna and Child series we bring you baby Jesus, but not with his mother Mary. Depicted here Jesus is being held by Saint #Antonio, whom Diego was named after. Diego painted it in the “Madonna dei Termini” church in 1951. More on the story of it’s discovery below.

St. Antonio I.jpg

Saint Antonio – Church in Gasperina, Italy 1951. Read the story behind it. Note the red signature “Voci 1951″….

Madonna dei Termini Gasparina From Google Images 08052013  Madonna dei Termini Church in Gasperina.  Read the story of its discovery: 

#Diego Voci remained a devout #Catholic throughout his life. Growing up in #Gasperina Diego’s family was under the strict rule of the family Matriarch, Messina Arcangela. Read more about the Voci family:

Merry #Christmas. #Celebrate the birth of #Jesus, not just today, but every day if you so choose. 


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