In #Memory of John Barnhart

Dearest Diego Voci Aficionados,

With our deepest regards we want to reach out to you all during the holiday season, especially Helen Jamrog Barnhart, her daughters Rebecca and Sarah and their family and friends lost, John, the husband and father, and firend who contributed one of the best stories about personally visiting and being entertained by Diego and Helga. John was thrilled to share his memories with the Diego Voci Project.

John Haynes Barnhart (1942-2017) now rests in peace. Helen and her family lost John, “beloved husband, cherished father, adored papa”. John will be missed by all he touched with his caring, friendly and giving personality! Life is precious. Live it!

While serving in Germany as Colonel for US AIR FORCE in the late 60’s, John met Antonio “Diego” Voci (1910-1985); but, more importantly he met his lovely and loving wife Helen Jamrog! Both loved art and antiques. They commissioned Diego to create a “Still Life”. John assured Helen Diego would paint it ”just as Helen wanted it“, including her antique coffee grinder and pears. At the unveiling however there was no antique coffee grinder and not enough pears. Diego who was not used to giving in to requests but honored Helen’s:

Still Life Cropped for POST Part 2 Barnhart 27 NOV 2015 KAC

Still Life, DIEGO 1968

Diego and this lovely couple enjoyed their visits! See their Madonna and Child which proudly adorns the Barnhart walls :

You will enjoy the fun and interesting 3 Part Story “Young Lovers in Germany” about the Barnhart’s and their “visits with Diego”:

In Memory of JOHN BARNHART 28 NOV 2017

John Haynes Barnhart (1942-2017)

         We send the Barnhart family our warmest condolences, The Diego Voci Project

      Love those close to you while you can, they will be with you always!

DiegoVoci Project HEART from YouTube Video KC 28 NO 2017


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