#Man With Red #Bandana by #DIEGO

Today, 17 August 2017 is Joe’s #Birthday. Happy Birthday to you Joe!

Though Joe Gonzales did not personally meet Diego #Voci at the #Bitburg Officers Club in Germany, he looked at the painting Diego named “Man with Red Banada” for at least a week before he decided to buy it.

Man in Red Bandana 1968 #1056-68 31 x 34 CROPPED

“Man with Red Bandana” #1056-68  34″ x #31

Joe writes, “It was as if Diego had my grandfather as the model!  My grandfather was from northwestern #Spain, #Asturias, and the red #bandana and red vest are similar to the native dress there. I would be honored to have you include it in your project”

Thank you for finding the DiegoVoci Project and sharing your praise for #Diego Voci! Check out https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Diego+Voci

The #videos are courtesy of Stephen Max who also published “The Beauty of Diego”  http://www.blurb.com/books/5419805-the-beauty-of-diego

Do you know anyone who has #Diego #artworks? Do you own Diego #art? Let us know!!





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