From the private DiegoVoci™ #ArtCollection of Leo Gerardo, a retired restaurateur, living in #Frankfurt, #Germany.


Le Teatre 80 x 60 cm 561488 oil on canvas TWEAKED

Le Teatre, 31” x 24”, #561488, oil on canvas

#Leo shares a story from the early #1980s where Siegfried Dahms, owner of then #Galerie Dahms in #Wiesbaden, Germany saw this painting and offered Leo DM 20,000 (US $11,153).  Siegfried Dahms said he could sell it (Le Teatre by DiegoVoci™ ) the next day to an #Opera #Tenor  “#Pagliacci” performing in the famous #HessichesStaatsheater  in Wiesbaden.  Leo said he was tempted to #sell, but turned him down.  Leo believes once the art world discovers DiegoVoci™ art the value of his artwork will escalate.

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