DiegoVoci™ SIGNATURES . . .

. . . on the Barnhart Diegos; and see more of the signatures the DiegoVoci™PROJECT has located so far. The signatures by hand of internationally collected artist DiegoVoci™ are a story in themselves.

When DVP received their images for the DiegoVoci™ Archive the signature did not say “Diego”, they read ”AD Voci”. Here is a close-up of the signature on “Mother and Child”:


“AD Voci” on “Mother and Child”, 1968

There was no “Diego” signature until 1966 by this artist long known as Diego by everyone. He signed “VOCIin red in his early years; then in some form of Voci like A.Voci, D.Voci, or  Diego Voci. Some were underlined or had a line with a curve after the name and some show  a year as well.  Here are few signatures the DiegoVoci™ Project has collected so far:

5 Signatures for PART III 27 NOV 2015

Voci 1951, A Voci, A Voci w Curled V, D Voci, Diego Voci

Read more about Diego , born “Innocenzo” at our DVP™ #Wikipedia Biography as it tells more about the many transitions Antonio Diego Voci made in signing documents – and most important – on all of his artwork: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Diego_Voci

Wiki First Page PAINT Printscreen 26 NOV 2015

WIKIPEDIA 1st page of about 20, created 2012 DIEGO VOCI PROJECT

In 1966 Diego met Joy Gibson (Naffouj) a Canadian art dealer with her gallery in Zweibrücken. It was then she encouraged him to sign his paintings as “Diego”.

DIEGO sig alpha w TM mark 27 NOV 2015 SMALLER SIZE

“DIEGO” Voci Signature, 1966 – 1985

Joy said, “At first his art was tough to sell.” Joy and her new husband Dr. Jawdat Naffouj then made an exclusive contract with Diego to buy X paintings for X amount of money on a monthly basis. But, if Diego wanted to do a little business on the side so that Naffouj would not know, he would sign some in some form of Voci. That’s what he did with the two oil paintings Diego signed “AD Voci” commissioned by Helen and John Barnhart. Read their story how Diego created just what they ordered in 1967:   https://diegovociproject.wordpress.com/2015/11/26/diegovoci-1967-commission-for-young-lovers-in-germany-part-i/

Do you own a Diego with an unusual signature?

Tell us at the DVP™ e-mail address:

diegovociproject@gmail.com and see our new website:




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