At times of great tragedy, the global community has a history of adopting a particular image or motif as a way of expressing how it feels and conveying what it wants to say about the event – after all, a picture is worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes.

In the case of Friday night’s terror attacks in Paris, that one image is a work by London-based French artist and graphic designer Jean Jullien, which incorporates a rendering of the Eiffel tower into a piece sign motif.


Since it was posted by Instagram on its official account page, Jullien’s “Peace for Paris” image has gone viral and been adopted by the world as an expression of grief as well as a call for piece and a symbol of solidarity.

In an interview with the UK’s Telegraph, Jullien said that he created the work after seeing the attacks on the news. “It was my most direct reaction. Usually when I draw I make an image that will make people laugh, or communicate,” he told the newspaper.

Other artistic responses have included a message of peace from Yoko Ono, a series of cartoons by Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Joann Sfar, a sand sculpture by Sudarsan Pattnaik, a drawing by Romanian artist and cartoonist Dan Perjovschi, and a work by American artist Gary Baseman.

Swedish-Portuguese graffiti artist André Saraiva Paris posted a poignant image titled “Standing by Paris,” botanical artist Bridget Beth Collins posted a floral tribute on her Instagram, and Shepherd Fairey posted a work featuring an image and the French flag.

Magnum Photos has also posted a series of photographs by some of its members documenting the aftermath of the attacks while Swiss curator Hans Ulrich Obrist posted a quote by Lebanese-born artist and poet Etel Adnan.

– See more at: http://enfr.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/1279187/prayforparis-the-art-world-responds?utm_source=BLOUIN+ARTINFO+Newsletters&utm_campaign=0d02f946f3-Daily+Digest+November+16+2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_df23dbd3c6-0d02f946f3-83386813#sthash.BBtEtzb5.dpuf

Courtesy of the Diego Voci Project:  www.diegovociproject.com.  Diego himself loved Paris and was an inspiration to his paintings.



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