Today, October 26th, 2015 my dad COOP COOPRIDER celebrates his 79th B-DAY!

As Diego Voci #Historian since 1973, my dad Coop is responsible for almost every publication you may have held on to when you bought your DIEGO artwork(s) since then!  In 2010 when dad and I were googling (it wasn’t even an official Webster’s Dictionary word yet) and found Mary Trimmins’ post on Artifact Collectors, who would have thought we’d be here today having cataloged over 1,000 Diego Artworks in the official DIEGO VOCI ARCHIVE to date at the DIEGO VOCI PROJECT (DVP).

Thank you & send us more: diegovociproject@gmail.com

My favorite of dad’s publications is the 8-Page catalog:

Coop's 8-page Catalog Published in 1974.

Coop’s 8-page Catalog Self-Published in 1974.

The cover seen here, has been used repeatedly over the years by all who love Diego and also like DIEGO’s signature. My dad, Coop, actually watched Diego draw and then created this trademark signature we all recognize. My dad and Diego spent much time together and hence we have the TV Guides*, the Interview with Victoria Williams*, and many memories*! (*See the publications, signature, Helga’s stories and more about Diego, and all 8 pages at our DVP thread on AC: http://www.artifactcollectors.com/diego-history-4330818.html#43308 )

My brother Kyle and 5 sisters: Shannon, Molli, Gabrielle, Kendra, and Tayna are so blessed to have Coop Cooprider as our dad – and Patti as our mom. They’ll be celebrating 57 years of marriage this coming February. One of my favorite photos is seen here:Dad and Mom COOPS 79th Birthday TODAY 26 OCT 2015

And, in addition to having had a successful career as a top executive, raising 7 children with my mom #Patti – dad, Coop, sings. Instead of pursuing a singing career as “Buddy Ashton” he stayed with mom to give us all 7 – a very good life! Dad took time out about 12 years ago to record a CD (yes, he croons like Frank #Sinatra!) titled “14 for my 7“:

“14 for my 7” by Coop

The DIEGO VOCI PROJECT would not be as successful as it has been without Lisa Camargo and Stephen Max in Canada. We all celebrate together for Coop’s continued desire to enhance DIEGO VOCI’s awareness in the art world! Thank you dad, Kami

JOIN US IN DVP’s CONTINUED EFFORTS: www.diegovociproject.com

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