“Lobster”,oil on canvas, 70cm x 80cm.

“Lobster”,oil on canvas, 70cm x 80cm.

Owned by Francesco Daneluzzi, this LOBSTER worn by time, smoke, and vapors has survived on the walls of Pizzeria FIRENZE in Kaiserslautern, Germany also known as K-Town. The LOBSTER is over 40 years old, and Francesco knew Diego Voci until his passing in 1985.

Francesco recalls Diego as, “an artist and a true gentleman. I will never forget him.” He also said, “Diego loved eating #Pasta. I enjoyed serving him very much. He was always very pleasant.”  (“Ich habe ihn sehr gerne bedient. Er war immer sehr nett und hat sehr gerne Pasta gegessen. Er war ein “artista” und ein wahrer “signore”. Ich werde ihn nie vergessen.”)

“FIRENZE” owner Francesco Daneluzzi

Today, at FIRENZE, you can still view the many DIEGO artworks Francesco has kept for his patrons, some who knew Diego and some who are now seeing his work for the first time. See FIRENZE on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pizzeria-Firenze

Trivia for today: (and yesterday): Coop Cooprider, Diego Voci Historian since 1973, vividly remembers that “Lobster” on the wall over the years.  The Cooprider family of 9  used to go for “Francesco’s” PIZZA! To die for. Patti had ‘carbonnara’ and Coop loved the ‘gnocci’. 😉 Kami

Tell us your “Dining with Diego” story: diegovociproject@gmail.com

See “Dining with Diego” Parts 1, 2 and 3:

AC P of W #286 8/23/2015

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