#Diego’s LADY ON THE BEACH #1972

“Lady on the Beach” 1972

” Lady on the Beach, 1972 is impressive in its high-contrast composition and vibrant color as well as its content and size (23″ x 40″). This and other works from the early 1970s shows DIEGO stretching his artistic chops into the realm of #surrealism with fauvist-inspired color. We love this painting because of its uniqueness and the craft with which #DIEGO frames the Lady within the #surrealistic landscape. The composition is at once pure figurative DIEGO within a broader surrealistic and #fauvist backdrop.

DIEGO positions the Lady reclined with a vase, referential perhaps to the symbolism of Mary Magdalene . The typical DIEGO comparisons of Modigliani and Matisse are expanded in this piece with the thought and color of #André Derain and maybe Maurice de Vlaminck. It is certainly a different and extraordinary piece.” C.V. 2012

Courtesy of the Collection of Paul Mehler.

       Search for DIEGO VOCI on YouTube and Google             


   AC PofW 9/2012 WP 8/2015

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