40 years ago Canadians Stephen and Wendy Max watched #DIEGO VOCI paint this masterful artwork titled “Suonatrice di Linto”, which is now part of their impressive DIEGO Art collection.

Suonatrice di linto 251-199

Stephen and Wendy Max are packing bags preparing for their annual “Snowbird” trip from Canada to Florida for a couple of months.

Stephen based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has launched a new website:; now in its test run, work-in-progress. All ideas are welcome.

Be sure to see the collection of the Diego Voci Estate, owner Helga Voci, Diego’s widow.

The passion and talent of a truly “addicted” DIEGO collector (owns 27) has been an amazing lift to the DIEGO VOCI PROJECT. When you search Google for “Diego Voci” you’ll see some of the videos created by Max, as a “New Generation” discovers internationally collected artist ANTONIO DIEGO VOCI (VOH-chee 1920-1985).

See Stephen Max’ newly published Deluxe book on DIEGO with more than 100 DIEGOs:


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