A reconnection after 40 years was discovered over the weekend with original Diego Collector Bob Sholar and a lost original Diego painting. Collector Bob Sholar sent the Diego Voci Project images of the Sholar “Diego” collection. The Diego Voci Project connected one of Sholar’s Diego paintings with an image of a painting that had been archived in the “lost” database.


Written on the back of Sholar’s Diego “Pierrot” canvas is artist Diego Voci’s widow Helga’s handwriting “Le Petit bal Bleu”.  The “blue” is in reference to the blue ball, part of the magic trick. The Project had the faded image (of the original painting) from a shoebox that Helga had stored for over 30 years. (Diego died 1985). When you view the faded shoe box image you would falsely think Diego painted in sepia tone, until you see the vivid color of Diego’s pigment in the original.

Le petit bal bleu FADED 24 NOV 2014

As the search continued for the original “Le Petit bal Bleu”, an image from the sepia tone faded foto had been published in a few places such as the deluxe book authored by Stephen Max, “The Beauty of Diego”  page 125 which you can see page by page and in the brand new website (a work in progress)

What is a PIERROT?

“a stock male character in French pantomime, with a sad white-painted face, a loose white costume, and a wide pointed hat.”

A Pierrot is a cousin to the Harlequin, Clown and Jester.  Many master painters such as #Picasso, #Pissarro, and #Cezanne chose Harlequins, Clowns and Pierrots as their subjects.  Here is an example from Cezanne.


Google “Diego Voci” to see more.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of the volunteer Diego Voci Project.

AC P of W #238 11/24/2014

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